“Painting is recording coloured sensation”

I feel that fine art, painting is the media through I can express myself the best. I can explore all ideas that come to my mind. The paintings show my inner self and my feelings: my doubts, my anger, my happiness. They are not the result of any conscious effort or procedure. First, I always want to make a simple painting. Then, the composition goes out of control as more and more ideas were coming to my mind. I have to listen to my instincts and select only a few that I could place on the canvas. Therefore, what the viewers see is already a simplified version of all ideas, emotions I feel and conquer while creating my paintings.

About my technique: I like to work on paper or on wood; however unscratched canvas is my favourite base. I am using acryl paint, charcoal, colour pencils. I always want to create a texture to my work; the painting cannot be flat. The paint can drip and my portraits do not have to be realistic. I know my subject; I have mostly created heads and torsos. It is important to experiment with the subject and to capture it by all possible formats. I have also worked with plastic, wallpaper, felt, created many painting on cardboards and boxes. Whatever was the media, the experiment was the most interesting part while creating the artwork. They all tell different stories and they all mirror my thoughts and feelings.


2012-2014 MFA Fine Art, University of the Arts, London, UK
2009-2012 BA Fine Art. Middlesex University, London, UK
2009 Intensive Foundation in Art, Middlesex University, London, UK
2008 Photography, Óbudai Iskola, Budapest, Hungary